Bringing Innovation
to West Hollywood

UI/UX, eCommerce


Fall 2019


Fashion / Apparel


Product Designer


Sean Kealey, Engineering
Thomas Quarre, Brand
Joshua Brueckner, Partnerships

b8ta, known for its unique take on physical retail for consumer electronics, brought its innovative retail model to a new vertical—fashion. And with this new vertical came new challenges, new ways to think about products and the fledgling brands that bring them to market.

We set out to translate Forum’s unique in-store experience on Melrose Avenue—fit with smart changing rooms and delightful brand moments—to an eCommerce platform that would do more than convert.

New vertical, new challenge

A compelling visual experience above-the-fold on first land.

Homepage focused on content and engagement.

Sticky elements and fluid interactions to underscore the UX on PDPs.

Mobile-responsive experience with strong keylines for scannability.

Minimizing cognitive load during checkout with accordion UI components and reduced navigation.

A robust component library to maintain consistency and expedite future builds.

There’s a story to every shipped project—things that went wrong, things that went right. If you’d like to discuss the process behind the pixels, send over an email and we’ll get some time on the calendar.

More things I’d love to share about this project specifically:

  • Understanding how eCommerce users differ between verticals
  • Building consensus with a founding team
  • Changing animation libraries mid-build
  • Shipping experiences without PMs
Behind the pixels