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Fall 2019


Consumer Electronics


Creator, Product Designer


I’m one of those folks that geeks out over product release keynotes. Naturally, when a new phone or computer comes out, I study up. The origin story, the specs, the reception from trusted YouTube creators (looking at you, Marques). This usually ends with a browser window riddled with tabs and partially-played videos.

So, I designed and built a platform that curates all the content I’d want to see before purchasing a new phone or computer—Devicee (

“One more thing.”

Implementing sorting functionality with jQuery and Isotope by Metafizzy.

Subtle UI cues to delineate between phone & computer product pages.

Seamless page transitions and quick access to similar devices from PDP.

Pill and tab components enable intuitive content navigation on mobile.

There’s a story to every shipped project—things that went wrong, things that went right. If you’d like to discuss the process behind the pixels, send over an email and we’ll get some time on the calendar.

More things I’d love to share about this project specifically:

  • Rapid prototyping MVPs using low-code tools
  • Products that niche down from existing behemoths
  • Anticipating time-to-load implications as a designer
  • Buildings things you would use yourself
Behind the pixels