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UI/UX, eCommerce


Winter 2019


Consumer Electronics


Product Designer


Sean Kealey, Engineering
Thomas Quarre, Brand
Landscape, Agency Partner

The holiday season is a critical time for retail. To capitalize on the increase in online and in-store traffic, we collaborated with agency partner, Landscape, to execute a holiday campaign that brought out the whimsy of the b8ta brand. The campaign creative was built off quirky, oddly-specific archetypes and the b8ta products each would enjoy most.

Sean Kealey, Director of Engineering, and I owned how this campaign would live on digital and eCommerce. eCommerce sales grew by 125% compared to the previous year’s holiday campaign during the same timeframe (Thanksgiving to New Year’s Eve).

A very b8ta holiday.

Fluid scroll interactions and anchor links create a unique way to browse the product set.

Each collection section contains the archetype name, description, headshot, and related products.

Anchor links fixed to the bottom of the mobile viewport enable quick, accessible navigation.

Homepage banners drive traffic to the campaign’s eCommerce page.

There’s a story to every shipped project—things that went wrong, things that went right. If you’d like to discuss the process behind the pixels, send over an email and we’ll get some time on the calendar.

More things I’d love to share about this project specifically:

  • Building eCommerce experiences with a definitive voice
  • Using seasonal campaigns to test new UI/UX patterns
  • Prototyping your way through UX challenges
Behind the pixels