Independent Designer
Environmental design
San Francisco, CA / Remote
Design mechanical of b8ta/Google concrete wrapper.Store image of products and concrete wrap.Another store image of products and concrete wrap.Google Home Hub with home screen image.Multiple home screen images for Google Home Hub POP display.
Google creates a new retail experience.
In parallel with the Made by Google launch event in 2018, Google partnered with b8ta to create a high-touch retail experience to showcase its soon-to-be-announced hardware products.

A significant design challenge was crafting environmental assets that felt both entirely b8ta and entirely Google, all while adhering to each brand’s styleguide and visual standards.

By cross-referencing each brand’s communicative tendencies (both how each composes graphic elements and utilizes copy to support those elements), we were able to deliver an experience that felt authentic to each brand.

With the unexpected release of Google Home Hub, we knew that this idea of maintaining brand authenticity would be critical to its reception in the in-store experience. We sourced photos taken by Google employees on their Google Pixel devices and made those images the focal point of the in-store Home Hub experience.

Special thanks to Thomas Quarre and Ashley Haber for leading the charge on this one and ensuring alignment between the Google and b8ta teams.
One giant leap for Momentus.
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Thomas Quarre, Art Direction
Ashley Haber, Project Management
Erin Johnson, Strategy
Brisa Freitas, Strategy